Draw Your Lunch


Sarah Becan is the talented artist who created the artwork that we used for our webpage and the advertising for the course:




So it was only fitting that we should incorporate a visit to a dim sum restaurant for our final artist event on her last full day at Bryn Mawr.


Nonetheless, I wanted to make everyone a mini-Sarah for lunch today, so everyone received a pouch with a small notebook, two pencils, an eraser, and a pen, with the following instructions:

Instructions for Your Dim sum 點心 Field Notebook

  1. You are allowed to order whatever you want from the dim sum menu (please coordinate in groups of three, and I will consolidate the orders into one master order)
  2. You are allowed to taste whatever you want from the arriving dishes
  3. Leave the first few pages blank—you may want to create a title page or table of contents later.
  4. For everything that you put on your plate, you should reserve at least two pages of your notebook!
  5. Use your pencil (and eraser, but don’t stress too much about mistakes—this is not about how good you are at drawing!) to sketch what you have taken. You can also take a photograph for reference when you do #8, but you MUST sketch it now!
  6. You may also want to sketch: what’s on the table, what you’re drinking, items in the restaurant, your dining companions, etc.!
  7. As you eat your food, take notes on:
    1. What the food is called on the dim sum menu (if you know Chinese, mark that down, too!)
    2. What ingredients you can identify in the item you have picked
    3. What are its prominent flavors
    4. What is your opinion of this dish: Favorable? Did you add anything to this (either a sauce or something from another dish?)
    5. Rate your food on a scale of your own devising
  8. After your meal, go back through your field notebook and
    1. Ink over your drawings and notes with your pen
    2. Create organizing matter, i.e. table of contents, index, legends, scales (spiciness? Tastiness? Hot/cold? Savory/Sweet?) and label your dishes
    3. Add color, if you’d like, or glue in printed photos
    4. Decorate your cover—don’t forget your name!
    5. Add text and additional information to your notebook. Be creative!
  9. Turn your notebook in to me in class on Tuesday for my review to Esther and Elizabeth when you meet with them, and they will give them to me—I will return them to you on the following week!


Thanks for being such eager and dutiful participants, everyone! Hope you have recovered from your food comas by now.