A Cookbook of Life



This cookbook plays into the many themes I am analyzing in my final portfolio. The recipes are loosely connected by a story about a girl growing up and realizing that there is more to the creation of food than the actual, physical ingredients. In this cookbook, I explore the differences between literal and figurative ingredients and dishes based on the protagonist’s life events. I also organized the cookbook in such a way that it starts with more literal recipes and gradually advances to more elaborate and figurative recipes. At the same time, I explore the role of gender vis-à-vis cooking and the preparation of food in households dominated by female figures. These women pass their traditional recipes down from generation to generation, resulting in an interesting continuation of a food lineage, but with differences as each generation tweaks the recipes. These inevitable changes demonstrate that a so-called authentic recipe or food really does not exist. Central to this cookbook is to show that food and family meals is a constant connector throughout our many life events. This cookbook is an exploration of the evolution of food, as shown through the prism of the female experience, and the importance it serves by bringing together family and friends.

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