An Airplane Food Story


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About the Project

Comic Cover

This creative project explores the interwoven themes of space, time, identity, and memory through the medium of food. In the comic, the male character is perplexed by the uncanny nature of his inflight dining options. Airplane food serves as a familiar nourishing substance, allowing him to experience something in common between the ground and the air. However, it also tastes strangely unfamiliar, as if it has lost its edible quality after being brought into the cabin. On board, notions of time and space are both significant and meaningless, authentic and deceiving. While an airplane houses tangible things, people, and services, it gives the impression of a non-place that houses non-things, non-persons, and non-services. In this sense, inflight meals might be considered non-food. For the female character, she can appreciate food in a space with no relational, local, or historical identity. Airplane food invites her to take a nostalgic trip back to the meals she used to eat at home and at the same time, to visualize a dining experience that she will wholeheartedly enjoy in her future destination. In the end, two characters still have lingering questions and uncertainties about the nature of food: Can an edible item not be considered food? Does the evaluation of food deal with a consciousness wholly wrapped up in the present, or is it always concerned with the past and even the future? If the physical presence of food is in a non-place, will dining memories fade away into obscurity?

Inspired Readings:

Dale Rominger, Notes from 39,000 Feet                                                                                 Guillaume de Syon, Is It Really Better to Travel than to Arrive?                                             Pierre Nora, Between Memory and History                                                                         Marc Augé, Non-Places: An Introduction to Supermodernity

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